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A wonderful live performance of Eliane Radigue‘s Naldjorlak I, II & III, at the Dortmund Concert Hall, during ISEA 2010, in her presence.

Baltan Laboratories

During ISEA 2010, Baltan Laboratories has a space during the e-culture fair, in the Dortmund U building, and is organizing an excursion to Eindhoven to a mysterious place called the «forbidden city».


NU2’s : Danse, image and new media, in Barcelona.


When my grandmother came to Switzerland in 1940, because she could no longer live in Italy, she was 18. One of the young men who courted her in Geneva, and who almost became my grandfather was the son of Jacques Bogopolsky, the inventor of the Bolex camera, an engineer from Ukraine.

gimme’da thing

gimme’da thing is a new Swiss-French webzine.


Sufferosa is an online interactive movie designed by Dawid Marcinkowski (whom I met in Poland in 2007 at Camerimage). The story is inspired from Godard’s ‘Alphaville’, Boris Vian, & more.

Alien prequel

Ridley Scott has been planning to shot a prequel to the «Alien» classic, he says in an interview.

Cabaret nucléaire

Rebecca reminds me in the pictures on the site of Hollywood actress Fairuza Balk.

I met Fairuza during the West Coast premiere of «Don’t come Knocking» by Wim

Center for Future Storytelling

There is a project for building a state-of-the-art film and television studio campus in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Studios would also fund a new Center for Future Storytelling at the MIT Media Lab, directed by Michael Bove and Cynthia Breazeal.