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A week-long open innovation festival in Geneva for science, technology & society

Kaleidoscope VR

Kaleidoscope is a community for Virtual Reality Creators, based in Oakland, CA.

Museum of Digital Art

The Museum of Digital Art in Zürich is open !

Don’t put your life into the hands of a robot

Joshua Brown is the first person in the history of autonomous vehicles
to die in a car crash that should have been avoided by the on-board AI.


Major Innovation Challenges on XPrize.


BeOpenLab, inspired by New York City’s Community Biolab (genspace), is Geneva’s first open-source biohacking lab ; The Bioscope in Geneva is a new form of university laboratory open to all citizens, part of the Hackteria community platform ; in Lausanne (Renens), the Hackuarium is part of UniverCité.

BNF labo

Le Laboratoire de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

ESU 2014

Université Européenne des mouvements sociaux, organisée par le réseau européen attac, cet été à Paris.

Robots on strike

Will robots ever go on strike ?
The Parisian subway system, inaugurated in 1900, operates two lines (1 and 14) with no driver.

Music, Mind and Meaning

Listen to some of Marvin Minsky’s piano improvisations, and (re-)read his classical paper on Music, Mind and Meaning.