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Kaleidoscope VR

Kaleidoscope is a community for Virtual Reality Creators, based in Oakland, CA.

Museum of Digital Art

The Museum of Digital Art in Zürich is open !

Chaos Computer Club

The famous CCC also exists in Switzerland : Chaos Computer Club Switzerland.

Archive of Digital Art

ADA is an online archive of digital art projects directed by Oliver Grau.


RepRap is an open-source 3D printer that can replicate itself, an idea keen to John von Neumann.

Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis

The highlight of the electronics workshop I taught in Greece was when
a student in Athens asked me through video duplex how a photoresistor
worked, basically indirectly asking about the photoelectric effect.

House of Electronic Arts

Inauguration this week-end of a new House of Electronic Arts in Basel.

Jani Christou

Incredible Jani Christou, disciple of both Jung and Wittgenstein, who invented the notion of «metapraxis» in the scoring of musical performance.

Music, Mind and Meaning

Listen to some of Marvin Minsky’s piano improvisations, and (re-)read his classical paper on Music, Mind and Meaning.


Fresque chronologique interactive sur l’aventure électroacoustique, par le Groupe de Recherches Musicales fondé par Pierre Schaeffer.