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Endangered cultures

This is the atlas of endangered languages according to UNESCO. For example, Hawaiian.

intelligences multiples

intelligence du corps, linguistique, logico-mathématique, musicale, interpersonnelle, spatiale, spirituelle, existentielle… une proposition de différents modes d’intelligence selon Howard Gardner.

Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis

The highlight of the electronics workshop I taught in Greece was when
a student in Athens asked me through video duplex how a photoresistor
worked, basically indirectly asking about the photoelectric effect.

4th World Peace Forum in Lugano

In the beautiful small town of Lugano, at the Swiss Italian University and the Congress Center was held this year the 4th World Peace Forum, featuring the Swiss delegation of OLPC.

The seven levels of tension

Jacques Lecoq developed an approach to acting using seven levels of tension…!!

How to use a library

An army of librarians has united to offer answers to any university-level scholarly question, via their online form.

Fab Labs

Fabrication Labs (Fab Labs) perpetuate the Do-It-Yourself Maker movement by providing open access to physical prototyping tools. Some of them are listed on this map.

How to destroy the Jews

First MOOC on The Holocaust of European Jews by two History professors of UC Santa Cruz (Jewish studies).

A la découverte des bébés

La psychologie du bébé et les théories du développement cognitif chez l’enfant.