Architecture Science

Christian Hubert

L’├ętonnant hyper-dictionnaire de Christian Hubert.

Architecture Education New technologies

Fab Labs

Fabrication Labs (Fab Labs) perpetuate the Do-It-Yourself Maker movement by providing open access to physical prototyping tools. Some of them are listed on this map.

Architecture Video

this was tomorrow

A participative collection of videos portraying what post-WWII eurocentric architects and urbanists promised and delivered in terms of an inhabitable future – grandeur et d├ęcadence des HLMs.

Architecture Politics

Jerusalem 2050

Through a series of projects, this team at MIT is envisioning Jerusalem in 2050 as a place of peace.

It is a visionary and problem-solving project sponsored by the Department of Urban Studies & Planning and the Center for International Studies, with the participation of Palestinian and Israeli scholars, activists, business leaders, youth and more.