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Croire sur parole

La Banque des Serments est un fonds de vidéos de personnes qui prêtent serment devant la caméra : déclaration d’amour, profession de foi, engagement, etc.


sin is an arab letter, and the name of a festival of video art and performance held on July 7-9, organised by instants vidéo.

Art vidéo au Grand Palais

Première exposition d’art vidéo au Grand Palais, magistrale rétrospective du travail de Bill Viola.

this was tomorrow

A participative collection of videos portraying what post-WWII eurocentric architects and urbanists promised and delivered in terms of an inhabitable future – grandeur et décadence des HLMs.

Mieke Bal

Mieke Bal is both an accomplished video artist and preeminent narratologist based in Amsterdam.

Artists’ Television Access

ATA in San Francisco gives access to artists to video equipment to make art and to tinker with televisions… longue vie à l’art vidéo !

Cultural analytics

A definition of cultural analytics by video artist Kurt Ralske.

Reverse Television

Video art project of Bill Viola for WGBH in Boston. Imagine you are a TV presenter. People can see you. But what if you could watch people watching you ?


a fun vod web site : acting tips from hollywood movie stars. each video is about 4 US$ to watch.

Analog video synthesizer

A completely analog video synthesizer presented during the Electron Festival in Geneva : it’s called the Synkie, created by Flo Kaufmann and the Egger brothers.