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Efficacité des psychothérapies

Ce rapport de l’INSERM publié en 2004 et disponible gratuitement compare les formes les plus connues de psychothérapies en tentant d’évaluer leur efficacité.

Future Zwei

An experimental future according to social psychologist and memory researcher Harald Welzer on Future Zwei.

Mieke Bal

Mieke Bal is both an accomplished video artist and preeminent narratologist based in Amsterdam.

Erich Auerbach’s «Mimesis»

Un monument d’introduction à la culture littéraire européenne, écrit par Erich Auerbach
à Istanbul quand il a dû fuir l’Allemagne nazie.

Swiss mythology

Nains de jardin, Gamins, Nabots… These mythical figures represent the hard-working Swiss,
in the popular imagination.


Un article de Raphaël Baroni sur «la forme de l’épée» de Borges.

Oil man

Crise énergétique, chocs pétroliers, oil man : chroniques du début de la fin du pétrole.
Collapsus, a transmedia interactive experience about the energy risk conspiracy.


Claiming that Chomsky’s view of language is not practical in the context of ethnolinguistics, missionary Kenneth Pike invented the concept of tagmemics to build bridges between cultures that have different languages and worldviews.

On marriage

In «Tell me a story», Roger Schank suggests that people who marry too early will not have a happy life. How “early” is “early” ?

36 situations dramatiques

Before Propp did for Russian folktales and Buñuel for Hollywood movies, Frenchman Georges Polti proposed a theory in 1916 that for each story or scenario there exist 36 basic dramatic situations.