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Chrome experiments

A set of web-based experiments designed specifically for the Chrome navigator.

David Lynch Interview Project Germany

David Lynch continues his Interview Project, this time in Germany.

ARTE Creative

A new collective blog and creative platform for artists to showcase their work.

365 Day Project

Try to find me in the video diary that Jonas Mekas shot in 2007…

gimme’da thing

gimme’da thing is a new Swiss-French webzine.


Sufferosa is an online interactive movie designed by Dawid Marcinkowski (whom I met in Poland in 2007 at Camerimage). The story is inspired from Godard’s ‘Alphaville’, Boris Vian, & more.

Life In A Day

Sundance, YouTube and Ridley Scott have partnered to create a film with people all around the world.

Submissions close 31st July 2010.


A new VOD service in Switzerland, based in Zürich.

David Lynch’s Interview Project presents the Interview Project, interviews of Americans talking about their dreams, their ambitions, their fondest memories.

Interactive video online

I participated to this winning pitch (at the Barbarian Group in Boston) for this Dove campaign – a successful example of an online interactive film.

And here is a (pretty lousy) example of how to build an interactive video on YouTube, with hyperlinks. Of course YouTube was not build for this, but it works.