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Internement en Suisse

A partir du 11 mars 2019, la Commission indépendante d’experts sur les internements administratifs en Suisse publie ses rapports de recherche.

Recommandations Memoriav

Les recommandations de Memoriav pour préserver la mémoire audiovisuelle suisse sur différents médias.

Greek words for love

Ancient Greek has 4 words for love : Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge.


Happy New Year 2012

Remembering 9/11

Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel managed to explain post-traumatic stress disorder by showing how the aplysia sea slug reacts to aggression, and remembers it all of its life, like elephants, and to some extent like all living beings. Descartes wanted to explain how animals have no soul and therefore are not judged when they go to heaven. But other cultures believe that soul (or nephesh in Hebrew) travels from humans to animals.


Interroger l’habituel, en-dehors du système spectaculaire.

Yes means Yes

This book can be useful to guys who want to decode better how women express sexual innuendos, consciously or not, to learn how to read them better and try not to misinterpret them. I try to remain courteous and romantic, according to the principles of chivalry, and when I fall in love, I go back to the «Fragments du Discours Amoureux» by Roland Barthes, but I am not sure it has been translated, and might not «work» well with women who are not of a European culture… In terms of films, my first choice would go to Eric Rohmer.

Poetry International Web

Poetry International Web was launched in November 2002 and is based in Rotterdam.


When my grandmother came to Switzerland in 1940, because she could no longer live in Italy, she was 18. One of the young men who courted her in Geneva, and who almost became my grandfather was the son of Jacques Bogopolsky, the inventor of the Bolex camera, an engineer from Ukraine.

Aleksander Wat

Je suis en train de lire l’autobiographie de mon oncle Aleksander Wat,
poète futuriste et surréaliste avant l’heure.