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Swiss Contemporary Dance Days

Every 2 years, the Swiss dance network reso organises in a Swiss city the Swiss Contemporary Dance Days – this year it’s in Geneva.

Dancing particles

Choreographer Gilles Jobin & Visualization expert João Pequenão are working together at CERN.

Synchronous Objects

Presented at ISEA 2010, Synchronous Objects visualizes dance movements and presents a scored notation for «One Flat Thing, reproduced» by William Forsythe.

La Habanera

Un des plus beaux films de danse que je connaisse…

A web site presenting professional dance companies in Switzerland.


First edition of a new international music & dance festival in Geneva, this month.


NU2’s : Danse, image and new media, in Barcelona.


This contemporary dance short film, entitled “Monitor” and directed by Luke McManus was commissioned by RTE and the Irish Arts Council as part of the Dance On The Box series.

I collaborated with Sascha Perfect, performance artist from New Zealand, on a number of projects in Dublin, and we worked on some early ideas for this performance project. I filmed the other part of the original idea of this film on the Millenium Bridge.