Arts in Iran

Iran Modern is a retrospective of the dynamic art scene that existed in Iran prior to the 1979 Revolution, such as the Shiraz Arts Festival, and that might emerge again within the next 30 years.

«a movie was transmitted on Internet»

The very first film ever to be transmitted on the Internet was a film about bees transmitted by David Blair in 1993, and is still online.

Mieke Bal

Mieke Bal is both an accomplished video artist and preeminent narratologist based in Amsterdam.


Revue interdisciplinaire de sciences sociales fondée par le Prof. Jacques Lévy, spécialiste de géographie politique.

Jan Krugier

The art collection of Holocaust survivor Jan Krugier is now on sale at Christie’s.
Art immonde et dégénéré selon le cardinal allemand Joachim Meisner.

La rencontre de St-Gervais

A filmed encounter between two monumental directors : Jean-Luc Godard and Marcel Ophüls.

As we may think

In 1945, after the war, Dr. Vannevar Bush published «As we may think» in the Atlantic monthly, calling all scientists to concentrate their efforts on pacific instruments and the dissemination of knowledge.

Hiroshima mon amour

In 1959, Alain Resnais compared the Hiroshima bomb to failed relationships.
In 2010, Americans and Japanese have agreed to work together on the «Hiroshima Reconstruction Project», supervised by Eric Hanson (xRez Studio), to create a virtual model of what Hiroshima was like before 1945.

Soi-même comme un autre

In «Soleil de la Conscience», Edouard Glissant, when visiting Paris from La Martinique, contrasts the gaze of «the Son» (le Fils) and the vision of «the Stranger» (l’Étranger).

Où va le cinéma ?

Archive en ligne de rencontres et débats qui ont eu lieu en 2008
au centre Pompidou à Paris.