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How technology is changing the museum experience

An excellent article tweeted by Lev Manovich.

Louis Fourteen

Lifestyle and luxe from Dubai : Louis Fourteen and Mojeh. A look at Hollywood and the world of celebrities from the Arab world.
Don’t be angry and don’t be shallow. It’s OK to be mad sometimes.


Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media is a refereed, peer-reviewed, e-journal that explores the diverging and intersecting aspects of current and past entertainment media.


The Organicités studio course is offered by the Media x Design Lab at EPFL.


Brand new motion-capture studio in Geneva, located next to Actua Films and PointProd.

Elizabeth Taylor in Iran

An exhibition at LACMA about Elizabeth Taylor’s one-time trip to Iran.

UN 66th General Assembly

As the United Nations 66th session of the General Assembly opens in New York, the Cercle Martin Buber, a non-profit discussion group and think tank based in Geneva, is holding a special debate on the question of the admission of Palestine as a full member of the UN, at the University of Geneva.

Remembering 9/11

Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel managed to explain post-traumatic stress disorder by showing how the aplysia sea slug reacts to aggression, and remembers it all of its life, like elephants, and to some extent like all living beings. Descartes wanted to explain how animals have no soul and therefore are not judged when they go to heaven. But other cultures believe that soul (or nephesh in Hebrew) travels from humans to animals.


I played Feist today in Baden, during the Fantoche Animation festival, in the video game exhibition. It’s a 100% Swiss Mario-style 2D video game, about a little furry monster in the forest.

MIT’s AI Film History

Heather Knight has contributed to recovering MIT’s AI Film History Project.
(to be continued…)