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Exposition sur Guy Debord à la BNF ; Debord’s Kriegspiel inspired by Clausewitz exists as a computer game.

Walden, a Game

a video game based on the time spent by Henry David Thoreau in his cabin in Walden.


Will greed be the cause for the extinction of the human race ?

Greed is an experimental open-source MMO video game being developed with Gled that explores this idea…

Space Invaders

Watch out, these aliens want you to stop thinking.
Try to find them in the streets around the world.
Ils sont parmi nous…

Game Story

The short history of video games at the Grand Palais in Paris.


I played Feist today in Baden, during the Fantoche Animation festival, in the video game exhibition. It’s a 100% Swiss Mario-style 2D video game, about a little furry monster in the forest.

AR Façade

Associated Press recorded this story in 2007 about an Augmented-Reality version of Façade, the now-famous interactive narrative game by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern.

Radical games / molle industria

Political video games about our world, our society, the dictatorship of entertainment..

Interactive storytelling

A whole day dedicated to interactive storytelling, organized by FOCAL, with a panel of screenwriters, directors and producers, as part of the Cinéma Tous Ecrans festival.

Slow Stories

Glorianna Davenport, documentary filmmaker, pioneering researcher in interactive cinema and non-linear video editing tools, principal researcher at MIT Media Lab for over 20 years, giving a talk about «Slow Stories» at the Distance Lab, in Scotland.