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Occupy Flash

Rid the world of the obsolete Flash technology !
Flash est un environnement de programmation interactive très vieux jeu qui s’est imposé comme un standard de facto pour le web, car c’était un des premiers langages permettant l’affichage de dessins vectoriels dans les navigateurs. It was initially called FutureSplash Animator. It was a great idea, and its development in 1995 coincided with the beginning of the web. But 15 years & 2 M&A laters, it clearly has reached the status of an old dictatorship like Khaddafi’s… We might not get rid of cars in a day, but maybe we can make the web a more progressive space by developing open standards for interactive animation & video on the internet.

AR Façade

Associated Press recorded this story in 2007 about an Augmented-Reality version of Façade, the now-famous interactive narrative game by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern.

Learning from youTube

A video-book that explains what “youTube is”. Supported by MIT Press and the Vectors electronic journal.

Interactive music videos

An article about interactive music videos

360° interactive music video

Probably the first interactive music video shot with a 360° camera, on youtube.
Don’t be too demanding about the aesthetics, but try moving the camera around.

The Wilderness Downtown

An interactive film made for Chrome, for the band Arcade Fire. It fetches images from Google Maps, based on the address of the street where you were born.

Interactive storytelling

A whole day dedicated to interactive storytelling, organized by FOCAL, with a panel of screenwriters, directors and producers, as part of the Cinéma Tous Ecrans festival.


A TEDx event dedicated to Transmedia.


Great interactive video campaign for Tipp-Ex, on Youtube : here.