Live Cinema Nights @ ISEA 2006

I organized a 3-night series of avant-garde live audiovisual performances, during ISEA 2006, called «Live Cinema Nights».

The performances took place in an old movie theatre, that had later been converted into a disco – which it is today (Club Glo), in downtown San Jose, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

I also did a live performance called «Junkyard of Dreams» with the Robby Marshall jazz quartet, combining my own handheld footage of today’s Hollywood street life with excerpts of classical Hollywood movies.

Dorkbot Socal 12

Performance for April’s fool on Human behaviour control, at the machine project gallery in Glendale, CA, for Dorkbot Socal 12, with the actor Tom Trudeau. Invited by Garnet Hertz.

Interactive film workshop

I gave a 3-day workshop at the Canadian Film Center Media Lab in Toronto, where we read papers by Lev Manovich and analyzed works of Martin Le Chevallier, among others.

Directors Lab 2006

I was extremely lucky to be accepted in the 2006 Directors Lab of Film Independent, in Los Angeles, with my project «Junkyard of Dreams».

We spent 8 weeks, with other fellow directors, to work on our feature film project, meeting mostly at the Sony studios in Culver City, or at the new offices of Film Independent on Wilshire Blvd. We had the mentorship of great professionals such as Rodrigo Prieto, Rodrigo Garcia, Shane Black…

I shot a trailer for my film, as part of this lab, now visible on Vimeo.

Video game jury at Slamdance

I was invited to be a jury member for the 2006 edition of the Slamdance Games Festival, in Park City, Utah. Slamdance runs parallel to Sundance and has a part dedicated to independent gaming.

I also spoke on a panel entitled « The Indie Scene: Games as art », where we discussed the growth of an art scene around gaming, and the narratology vs. ludology debate.

Interactive political films

I gave a workshop on how to make interactive political films at Mediamatic with Florian Thalhofer and his Korsakow authoring tool, to a very interesting range of participants (all filmmakers) who had come with their own footage. The final presentations took place at a local film school in Amsterdam.

I also gave a talk at De Balie about video games and non-violence, during the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), on a panel with Joost Raessens & Brody Condon.

A reader was put together by Mediamatic.

Other attendees of the festival included the Yes Men and Thomas Wallner (Xenophile Media).

Interactive cinema workshop

I gave a workshop on interactive video, using max/msp/jitter, to the students of the Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliqués (now HEAD) in Geneva. This master program is now called Media Design. The workshop included a small production which we shot in Geneva. It was a cadavre exquis on the theme of «what happens in bedrooms».


Spent 2 weeks at La Halle aux Cuirs de La Villette, with Mié Coquempot (K622) and her company.
Costume design by Didier Despin, technology provided by La Kitchen (Cyrille Henry).

This maquette was made possible thanks to the CNC/DICREAM.

Thank you to Cécile Babiole for her help with electronics…

CalArts / Integrated Media

Tom Leeser invited me to give a lecture at the CalArts Center for Integrated Media, on my research on interactive video. It was attended by a diverse group of students coming from various disciplines.

Brainstorming for «Peepshow»

I spent 3 extraordinary days with Marie Brassard and her team. Installed in the Usine C in snowed-in Montréal with her company Infrarouge, I presented to her various technological possibilities for her new show called the «Peepshow» project, ranging from AI-controlled virtual creatures to architectural and scenographic ideas for video on the stage. A private workshop if you will.