Narrative filmmaking for computational media

I started teaching my course of «Narrative filmmaking for computational media» at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, open to all students with backgrounds in filmmaking and basic programming (class code : CTIN499)

Experiments in Interactivity I+II

I started teaching the mandatory class called «Experiments in Interactivity I+II» dedicated to physical computing and computer science for interactive artists at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, in the Interactive Media Division chaired by Scott Fisher, with Perry Hoberman.

Japan lecturing tour

After presenting a paper on my Live Cinema instrument at the NIME conference in Hamamatsu, I gave talks on the future of cinema at ATR (just before Bob Moog, who shared his egg sandwich with me at lunch) and IAMAS (hosted by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau), where I recorded the sound of frogs at night in an open field.

Colloque jouable

Jouable, Colloque international sur l’art, le jeu et l’interactivité, au Centre pour l’image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Genève, organisé par Jean-Louis Boissier (CIREN, Paris VIII) et Daniel Pinkas (MADE, HEAD).
J’y ai présenté mon travail et mes idées durant la session 2.

Proceedings of this colloquium & event have been published.


Vallejo Gantner (now director of PS122), director of the Dublin Fringe Festival, invited me (Media Lab Europe) to be a mentor, together with Steve Valk (Forsythe Company/Daghdha), Jocelyn Clarke (Abbey Theatre) and John Collins (Elevator Repair Service), for a 2-week workshop at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, in Annaghmakkerig.

We explored new forms of drama, new relationships between performers & their audience, & non-linear storytelling in performance.

Architectures Non Standard

Architectures Non Standard / Laboratoires de l’Architecture Numérique

J’ai participé à cette exposition au Centre Georges Pompidou sur les mutations apportées par le domaine computationnel dans l’architecture, en créant des sons pour le Emonic Environment de Paul Nemirovsky, en collaboration avec le collectif d’architectes Servo.

Office Voodoo

This interactive film installation, whose physical structure was designed by AETC (Antoinette & Christian Scheidegger), won the new media award at the Festival of New Cinema of Montréal, ex-aequo with Morten Schjødt for Switching.

Making films for computational media

Invited by Dr. Brunhild Bushoff, from sagasnet, I gave a lecture in Leipzig on «Making films for computational media», as part of a seminar on developing interactive narrative content funded by the EU MEDIA programme.

Filmmaking workshop for children

I participated in a workshop at The Ark, where I taught children between the age of 8-10 how to shoot and edit a film.


Edition de elefanten-mixtur, mini-festival de musique électronique genevois – fruit délicieux de la collaboration entre l’association SHIN et le Zoo de l’Usine.

Artistes invités : John de Kron (Berlin), lev aka Michael Lew (Genève), jasch (Lucerne), Thierry Simonot (Genève), A.L.S.O minimal aka Andrea Valvini (Genève), A.L.S.O mélodie aka Basile Zimmerman (Genève), etc.