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Portrait of Hélène Spierer

On February 14th, 2017, we captured on camera (image : Greg Pedat, sound : Julian Flegenheimer) the testimony of Shoah survivor Hélène Spierer, using Steven Spielberg’s methodology, for his Foundation.

Crowd-funding campaign

We are planning to launch very soon our crowd-funding campaign for the movie «Spierer’s List». Our project was delayed because of the unstable political events that took place in Turkey (where a large part of the film takes place) — thank you for your patience…

Ciné-concert kino kabaret

I was accepted as a director in the kino kabaret of Geneva where my film’s
soundtrack was improvised by the band Penfield, during a ciné-concert
at l’Abri, along with many other talented up-and-coming filmmakers.

Tempus fugit

A Genève, vernissage de ma nouvelle installation vidéo générative «Tempus fugit»
dans l’exposition collective de Infolipo dédiée à la mémoire de Ferdinand de Saussure.
Un pourcentage des œuvres vendues reviendra à la Fondation Pro Juventute.

Les Films Invisibles

I will launch soon a new version of the web site for «Les Films Invisibles».

In the meantime, a letter I sent to Scott Macaulay featured in Filmmaker magazine,
about my film projects in development.


The videos I shot with dancer/actress Verena Lopes have been included in the
upcoming Gesamt installation by Lars von Trier which opens at the Copenhagen
art festival
on October 11th in Charlottenborg. It runs until December 30th.

Black Dogs on the Beach

I presented a very short video at the «Ex-Werner» gallery/atelier on rue de Lyon in Geneva. It was presented as a loop, on a monitor.

Detroit Grand Pubahs

I directed a music video for Detroit Grand Pubahs, on the song “Numb, Deaf & Dumb”, from the album “Madd Circus”, based on an idea by Nathalie Rebholz. Director of photography : Hans Meier.

Writing With Light

American Cinematographer Magazine has written an article about Toben Seymour‘s music video for The Willowz that I worked on in Los Angeles, as a guest director and media manager.

Directors Lab 2006

I was extremely lucky to be accepted in the 2006 Directors Lab of Film Independent, in Los Angeles, with my project «Junkyard of Dreams».

We spent 8 weeks, with other fellow directors, to work on our feature film project, meeting mostly at the Sony studios in Culver City, or at the new offices of Film Independent on Wilshire Blvd. We had the mentorship of great professionals such as Rodrigo Prieto, Rodrigo Garcia, Shane Black…

I shot a trailer for my film, as part of this lab, now visible on Vimeo.