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Avec Urs Lerch, autre co-président de One Laptop Per Child (Suisse), nous avons lancé en décembre 2019 une campagne de financement participatif pour NetAlert, première hotline de Suisse de signalement permettant de faire d’Internet un lieu plus sûr pour toutes et tous.

Les Films Invisibles

I will launch soon a new version of the web site for «Les Films Invisibles».

In the meantime, a letter I sent to Scott Macaulay featured in Filmmaker magazine,
about my film projects in development.

Launch of the SINLAB

I have the pleasure to announce that I was accepted as a PhD student and Research Assistant in the Media x Design Laboratory at EPFL, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the context of a revolutionary new lab between arts & sciences, called SINLAB, focusing on performance and new technologies that was launched officially on February 14th 2012, at the Manufacture, with a dance performance by Chris Ziegler called «corpus pygmalion». I made a small video improvisation on the music of Andrea Valvini and the live glitches of Benjamin Efrati during the launch party.

Writing With Light

American Cinematographer Magazine has written an article about Toben Seymour‘s music video for The Willowz that I worked on in Los Angeles, as a guest director and media manager.

Café philosophique

Paul O’Brien makes a reference in a footnote of this article to the Café Philosophique I used to run in Dublin, at the Cobblestone pub in Smithfield, in the early 2000s.