Media Fabrics for Media Makers

Glorianna Davenport hosted an evening of Show & Tell at the Bartos theater in MIT Media Lab during which various researchers such as Ken Haase, Edith Ackerman, Barbara Barry and myself gave short talks about our current work and recent achievements.

Jour et Nuit

We programmed an interactive environment using computer vision (EyesWeb) and particle systems (PD/gem) to control video projections with Butoh dancer Miyuki Warabiuchi and Alain Crevoisier, at the Théâtre de l’Usine, in a short piece called «Jour et Nuit».

Lecture at Camerimage

I was invited by MEDIA and WRO to give a lecture at a conference entitled « Soft Machines and the Cinematographic Imaginary ».

The conference took place during the prestigious Camerimage festival, in Łødź, in the presence of great figures of today’s cinema like Roman Polanski and Harris Savides (cinematographer for most of Gus Van Sant’s films), under the patronage of David Lynch, who has his recording studios in that region of Poland.

My contribution to the WRO Media Art Reader (which I could not finish in time when the book went to press) has been made available on this web site.

Writing With Light

American Cinematographer Magazine has written an article about Toben Seymour‘s music video for The Willowz that I worked on in Los Angeles, as a guest director and media manager.

Café philosophique

Paul O’Brien makes a reference in a footnote of this article to the Café Philosophique I used to run in Dublin, at the Cobblestone pub in Smithfield, in the early 2000s.

Live Cinema Nights 2007

The 2007 edition of Live Cinema Nights took place in a nightclub (King King) on Hollywood Boulevard, and was organized as a special event within the Silverlake Film Festival.

Creation of LEV STUDIO

While still a resident of Los Angeles (Silverlake to be precise), I registered in Geneva my interactive media design firm and production company / artist studio : LEV STUDIO.

Talk at UdK

I gave a talk at the Universität der Kunste in Berlin, to the students of Joachim Sauter, in the Experimental Media Design program.

Live Cinema Nights @ ISEA 2006

I organized a 3-night series of avant-garde live audiovisual performances, during ISEA 2006, called «Live Cinema Nights».

The performances took place in an old movie theatre, that had later been converted into a disco – which it is today (Club Glo), in downtown San Jose, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

I also did a live performance called «Junkyard of Dreams» with the Robby Marshall jazz quartet, combining my own handheld footage of today’s Hollywood street life with excerpts of classical Hollywood movies.

Dorkbot Socal 12

Performance for April’s fool on Human behaviour control, at the machine project gallery in Glendale, CA, for Dorkbot Socal 12, with the actor Tom Trudeau. Invited by Garnet Hertz.