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Charlie Rose: The Brain Series

The Charlie Rose Brain Series explores one of sciences final frontiers, the study of the human brain.

Judaica Europeana

Judaica Europeana is an initiative of the EU, to identify and document Jewish presence and heritage in European culture.

eyeo festival

Eyeo is a new 3-day festival celebrating creative coding in Minneapolis, in June.

Richard Leacock

Ricky Leacock passed away on Wednesday in Paris. This master of the documentary artform was finishing a multimedia autobiography, which is due to appear this year. I had the immense chance to know him a little while at Media Lab Europe and to benefit from his advices. May he rest in peace.


Robotics summit (conference, workshops, expo) in Lyon this week. I discovered NAO, the humanoid robot by Aldebaran, and Urbi, the Robotics OS developed by Gostai.


RAN (Réseaux Arts Numériques) is the French Digital Arts Network.

David Lynch Interview Project Germany

David Lynch continues his Interview Project, this time in Germany.

ARTE Creative

A new collective blog and creative platform for artists to showcase their work.

Louis Mouchet

Louis Mouchet is a filmmaker from Geneva born in 1957. He has directed documentaries about actor François Simon, scenographer Adolphe Appia and the imprésentable Jodorowsky.

Festival EXIT

Festival EXIT, à la Maison des Arts de Créteil.
Au programme de l’exposition : Marnix de Nijs, Gregory Chatonsky, Eduardo Kac, Martin Le Chevallier, Antoine Schmitt…