CUSO Narratology

I will be presenting my theoretical research on computational cinema for the first time in a French-speaking academic context, at the University of Lausanne, as part of a doctoral school on language sciences and narratology organized by Raphaël Baroni and Françoise Revaz.
Is there a language of interactivity ? What is digital cinema ? How do multi-linear narratives relate to David Lewis’ philosophy of possible worlds ? My respondent will be Françoise Lavocat.



Presenting a paper in a workshop at the Interaction Design & Children Conference
at the New School in New York City.

Exhibition Film/Video Installation

Tempus fugit

A Genève, vernissage de ma nouvelle installation vidéo générative «Tempus fugit»
dans l’exposition collective de Infolipo dédiée à la mémoire de Ferdinand de Saussure.
Un pourcentage des œuvres vendues reviendra à la Fondation Pro Juventute.

Film/Video Press

Les Films Invisibles

I will launch soon a new version of the web site for «Les Films Invisibles».

In the meantime, a letter I sent to Scott Macaulay featured in Filmmaker magazine,
about my film projects in development.


OLPC Switzerland

I have been elected co-President of OLPC Switzerland, for the French-speaking part,
together with Urs Lerch, who obtained his PhD from TU Berlin on the subject of
open source software development
Our mission is to familiarize children with computing technologies, all around the world.


New research videos

Videos of the work going on at the sinlab on our new vimeo page.


Theater for one person

An entire play executed for only one spectator is as close as one can get to the
imaginary «Holodeck», when simulating immersive interactive narrative
In this performance, I pretend to be having dinner with the spectator, allowing
him or her to turn a wheel which modifies the status of our fictional relationship.
Work in progress presented during Les Urbaines, at Espace Arlaud, with the SINLAB,
on the theme of performance art and interactive technologies, on Nov 30-Dec 2.

Exhibition Film/Video Installation


The videos I shot with dancer/actress Verena Lopes have been included in the
upcoming Gesamt installation by Lars von Trier which opens at the Copenhagen
art festival
on October 11th in Charlottenborg. It runs until December 30th.


Le Vieux de la Montagne

Opening on September 5th at the Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne, a transgalactic electro-mechanical opera inspired by Alfred Jarry featuring live puppets of Superman and William Burroughs operated by Patrick Sims, vintage video game animations by Entter, music by Ata Ebtekar, a giant pinball machine built by Eric Zollikofer, and interaction design by Alex Posada.

Performance Press

Launch of the SINLAB

I have the pleasure to announce that I was accepted as a PhD student and Research Assistant in the Media x Design Laboratory at EPFL, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the context of a revolutionary new lab between arts & sciences, called SINLAB, focusing on performance and new technologies that was launched officially on February 14th 2012, at the Manufacture, with a dance performance by Chris Ziegler called «corpus pygmalion». I made a small video improvisation on the music of Andrea Valvini and the live glitches of Benjamin Efrati during the launch party.