Initiation à l’informatique

Teaching kids how to program, using Scratch on a Raspberry Pi, at the Centre Communautaire de la Jeunesse Juive (CCJJ) in Geneva, Switzerland ! This is a weekly course (dès 6 ans…).

Future cinema

Lecture on Future Cinema at the Tel Aviv Makers hackerspace, at 8pm

Tribeca Hacks

May 28-30 : The Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Robert de Niro in New York after 9/11, is hosting an intensive workshop in Tel-Aviv on interactive storytelling, during Print Screen (Israeli digital culture festival) – I will be building a piece there.

Can you build a machine that feels pain ?

Reflections on the nature of pain and suffering, based on Marvin Minsky‘s «The Emotion Machine», in a seminar at HEAD CCC.


I went to the European Film Market in Berlin to look for partners, for our documentary feature-length film «Spierer’s List».

Ciné-concert kino kabaret

I was accepted as a director in the kino kabaret of Geneva where my film’s
soundtrack was improvised by the band Penfield, during a ciné-concert
at l’Abri, along with many other talented up-and-coming filmmakers.

Christmas-themed Arduino workshop

Arduino workshop at the Thessaloniki make space on December 1-7, with lectures in video duplex with Space Under in Athens, on the theme of getting ready for Christmas : lights, sounds, smells, colors, movements…

Conférence musicale

Accompagnée par et sur le thème de la musique, une conférence significatogène organisée par Miracle dans le festival Résonances au Théâtre de Verre à Paris, ainsi qu’au Salon de Montrouge.

Les bifurcations du récit interactif

Journée d’étude à l’Université de Lausanne sur les grandes questions du récit
interactif à l’ère des médias numériques.

CUSO Narratology

I will be presenting my theoretical research on computational cinema for the first time in a French-speaking academic context, at the University of Lausanne, as part of a doctoral school on language sciences and narratology organized by Raphaël Baroni and Françoise Revaz.
Is there a language of interactivity ? What is digital cinema ? How do multi-linear narratives relate to David Lewis’ philosophy of possible worlds ? My respondent will be Françoise Lavocat.