La science pour qui ?

Scientific research being funded in Europe mostly with public money,
every citizen has the right to know and to ask where their subsidies
are going, and what they are being used for – c’est le sujet de cet ouvrage.

BNF labo

Le Laboratoire de la Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

ESU 2014

Université Européenne des mouvements sociaux, organisée par le réseau européen attac, cet été à Paris.

Russell Tribunal

Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre created an International War Crimes Tribunal following the military intervention in Vietnam in 1954.
In March 2009, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine was created. It has no legal force per se : it is a Tribunal of Conscience.

How to use a library

An army of librarians has united to offer answers to any university-level scholarly question, via their online form.

Robots on strike

Will robots ever go on strike ?
The Parisian subway system, inaugurated in 1900, operates two lines (1 and 14) with no driver.

Jani Christou

Incredible Jani Christou, disciple of both Jung and Wittgenstein, who invented the notion of «metapraxis» in the scoring of musical performance.


Le Voeu de chasteté du Dogme95, créé pour libérer les cinéastes du joug autoritaire des grands studios technocrates et de leur esthétique léchée.

Future Zwei

An experimental future according to social psychologist and memory researcher Harald Welzer on Future Zwei.

Music, Mind and Meaning

Listen to some of Marvin Minsky’s piano improvisations, and (re-)read his classical paper on Music, Mind and Meaning.