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Conseil pour la Création Artistique

Créé à l’initiative du président de la République, Nicolas Sarkozy, le nouveau Conseil de la Création Artistique a vu le jour le 2 février 2009.

World Complexity Forum

Instead of having to choose between the World Economic Forum (in Davos, Switzerland) and the World Social Forum (in Brazil), there will be soon the World Complexity Forum !

US visa for start-up builders

If you are an American citizen, please support this new visa initiative for non-American entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the USA.

Jerusalem 2050

Through a series of projects, this team at MIT is envisioning Jerusalem in 2050 as a place of peace.

It is a visionary and problem-solving project sponsored by the Department of Urban Studies & Planning and the Center for International Studies, with the participation of Palestinian and Israeli scholars, activists, business leaders, youth and more.