Erdös conjectures

Open mathematical problems that remain to be solved : Erdös conjectures.

Chrome experiments

A set of web-based experiments designed specifically for the Chrome navigator.


the Lithuanian countryside, where I imagine that my grandparents (Sara & Mietek) made love for the first time, during the second world war.


sin is an arab letter, and the name of a festival of video art and performance held on July 7-9, organised by instants vidéo.

Archive of Digital Art

ADA is an online archive of digital art projects directed by Oliver Grau.

Rivista per le Medical Humanities

This online journal for medical humanities edited in Lugano is focussed
on clinical ethics and narrative medicine.

Christian Hubert

L’étonnant hyper-dictionnaire de Christian Hubert.

Is there wisdom in religion ?

Globethics is a worldwide ethics network based in Geneva, whose aim is to reflect about what religions, spiritualities and philosophies have in common in terms of directing us into what to do or not to do.

Théorie de l’attachement

En Angleterre, le pédopsychiatre John Bowlby a collaboré avec le couple de James et Joyce Robertson pour étudier à travers un film scientifique l’effet que peut avoir sur le développement de l’enfant la séparation.

intelligences multiples

intelligence du corps, linguistique, logico-mathématique, musicale, interpersonnelle, spatiale, spirituelle, existentielle… une proposition de différents modes d’intelligence selon Howard Gardner.