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Human Rights are not just theory

Stéphane Hessel was born in Berlin, but fought as a resistant in France during the second world war. His mother inspired a character in the movie «Jules et Jim». In his recent pamphlet, «Indignez-vous !», he is giving us good reasons to fight against the system.
He contributed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The UN body that enforces the respect of  these rights is the OHCHR, based in Geneva.

The Long Overdue Palestinian State

Next September, at the United Nations General Assembly, Mahmoud Abbas will request recognition of the State of Palestine from the international community.

Pour les Francophones, voici un article écrit par le regretté Edward W. Said, professeur à Columbia University, sur Albert Camus et l’inconscient colonial.

Youri Gagarine

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human flight into space, by Youri Gagarine, during the Vostok 1 mission, in the context of the Soviet space program. Gagarine will become an international celebrity and become a Hero of the Soviet union.

Juliano Mer-Khamis

Juliano Mer-Khamis was murdered on April 4th. He had received an award from Visions du Réel in 2004. He was organizing acting workshops for children in the West Bank.

Meanwhile, the European Union opens up its market to Palestinian exports, to ease the situation of Palestinian farmers and support their economy (preferential tariffs compared to Israeli products).

Joe Sacco

An American comic artist that may be as talented as Art Spiegelman portrays the horror lived by the citizens of Gaza, through many publications, now available in French.

Tactical media

The Tactical Media Files is a living archive for Tactical Media‘s present, past and future.

Radical games / molle industria

Political video games about our world, our society, the dictatorship of entertainment..

La ‘vendetta’ de Assange

An article in El País describes Julien Assange and the Anonymous movement as an underground revolutionary movement unique to the 21st century.

Democracy in the Arab world

As a sign of support for the Jasmine Revolution, I propose this film by the Wooster group.
For those who still have access to the internet.

How to treat Hippies

A Colombian psychiatrist has imagined a medical treatment to transform hippies into “normal” people.

Which makes me ponder : Which social group is better accepted in today’s society : hippies or yuppies ?