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Illich on computers

Ivan Illich warned of a society enslaved by computers, at the Asahi Symposium Science and Man in 1982

Encyclopédie thématique Jean-Jacques Rousseau

2012 will be the 300th anniversary of the birth of writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

How to represent/remember war ?

Constructing memories in the wake of crimes against humanity: artistic interventions and the politics of memory – a colloquium organized by HEAD at SGG.

indigné = altermondialiste ?

France Culture hosts a discussion about the differences and similarities between these two social movements.

UN 66th General Assembly

As the United Nations 66th session of the General Assembly opens in New York, the Cercle Martin Buber, a non-profit discussion group and think tank based in Geneva, is holding a special debate on the question of the admission of Palestine as a full member of the UN, at the University of Geneva.

Prisoner’s dilemma

In game theory, the prisoner’s dilemma tells about two people who have the choice between cooperating and not cooperating. If they both cooperate, it will benefit both of them. However, if one wants to cooperate, and the other does not, it can create a terrible disadvantage for the one who wanted to cooperate. Therefore, risk-averse people will tend not to cooperate, even though it would have been in everyone’s interest to do so.

Arrow cross

Comment prouver la culpabilité d’un ancien officier nazi ?

Plus le temps passe, plus c’est difficile.

Please watch «Music Box».

Hamilton’s rule

Hamilton’s rule states that r > c/b, where r is the relatedness, c the costs and b the benefits.
It shows, in any society, to what extent living organisms are naturally willing to make exceptions and sacrifices in order to help others.
Relatedness can be purely genetic (percentage of shared genes), for the survival of the group or the species, or have something to do with intellectual kinship – what Goethe called “Les Affinités Electives” – in more complex individuals.

Ni Dieu ni Maître

A recent conference by USC University Professor Manuel Castells on new communication technologies and the sociology of networks, in Paris, available here.

Succès politiques

Statuts d’intermittent(e)s du spectacle, Diversité de l’offre de films en salles de cinéma d’art et d’essai, Mobilité douce et Réduction du nucléaire
Voici quelques combats qui ont été menés avec succès durant les derniers 12 mois en Suisse…
¡ El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido !