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Hiroshima mon amour

In 1959, Alain Resnais compared the Hiroshima bomb to failed relationships.
In 2010, Americans and Japanese have agreed to work together on the «Hiroshima Reconstruction Project», supervised by Eric Hanson (xRez Studio), to create a virtual model of what Hiroshima was like before 1945.

Soi-même comme un autre

In «Soleil de la Conscience», Edouard Glissant, when visiting Paris from La Martinique, contrasts the gaze of «the Son» (le Fils) and the vision of «the Stranger» (l’Étranger).

Hirschhorn in the Bronx

Swiss contemporary artist Thomas Hirschhorn is building a temporary public monument in the Bronx dedicated to the memory of Italian marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who developed the concept of cultural hegemony.

Réduire la fracture numérique

World Summit of Information Society Forum 2013 in Geneva hosted by the ITU.


Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Arab World.

Higher, faster

The tallest buildings in the world, and the fastest computers.

Swiss mythology

Nains de jardin, Gamins, Nabots… These mythical figures represent the hard-working Swiss,
in the popular imagination.

Thomas Minder

A modern-day William Tell that sends a strong message about the Swiss identity : no to golden parachutes, no to a divide between employers and employees, no to abusive executives.

Politics in Art Forms

An international and interdisciplinary 2-day conference involving scholars from USC, UCLA and Paris VIII.


Etymologically “land of the father”, the word «patrie» designates in French the country
where the father lives. This portal is a living growing archive about the history of Suisse