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Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology in the Arab World.

Higher, faster

The tallest buildings in the world, and the fastest computers.

Ethnography of institutions

Bruno Latour spent a lot of time in research laboratories as an observer to study how scientists collaborate ; Marc Abélès did the same in political arenas such as the European parliament or the WTO ; Xerox PARC pioneered the use of corporate ethnography for human-centered technology design.


Online platform for academic blogs in the humanities and social sciences.


Promoting the awareness of a drug’s adverse effects is not necessarily in the financial interest of pharmaceutical lobbies.


Hypnagogic Light Experience with this electronically-controlled lamp, inspired from the Dream Machine by Gysin. Supposedly it would stimulate our third eye, visible for example in the baby sphenodon.

Islamic Philosophy

The premier Islamic philosophy resource on the Web.

How is Perceptron performing today ?

Very well, thank you, and how is Higg’s Boson behaving ?

Capturing the mind of a child

If psychologist Jean Piaget was the scientist who managed to capture how children view the world, probably the artist who managed to do this best on film is Jacques Doillon.

Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence is the collective behaviour of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial.