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Mon cousin psychanalyste

Canard de psychanalyse engagé, dans lequel écrit un lointain cousin (?) parisien que je ne connaissais pas, dans le sillage du structuralisme (vous avez dit «French Theory» ?).


Etymologically “land of the father”, the word «patrie» designates in French the country
where the father lives. This portal is a living growing archive about the history of Suisse

Common Sense

Le Sens commun, ou «Common Sense» was a pamphlet published by Thomas Paine during the American Revolution, stating that America was no longer a British nation, but composed of influences coming from all European countries. Viva Obama !

Jazz en Pologne

et musique des premiers films de Polanski.

EU agenda for culture

* Quel rôle pour la culture dans une Europe politique ? on the European platform for arts & culture

Für Frauen verboten

A street of Hamburg which is not accessible to women unless they work there.

Islamic Philosophy

The premier Islamic philosophy resource on the Web.


Wemakeit is a Swiss version of Kickstarter.

Our view of Africa

Chimurenga is a magazine that can change your view of Africa ; also responsible of the African Cities Reader, on a new kind of urbanism in the oldest continent known to mankind.

Ramón Saldívar

Stanford English and comparative literature Prof. Ramón Saldívar receives a medal for his exploration of identity along the border separating the United States and Mexico.