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Jazz en Pologne

et musique des premiers films de Polanski.

EU agenda for culture

* Quel rôle pour la culture dans une Europe politique ? on the European platform for arts & culture

Art in outer space

Space Synapse is engaged with the European Space Incubator into the exploration of outer space and the solar system – create new business opportunities there, use our ability to escape planet Earth for artistic projects.


Promoting the awareness of a drug’s adverse effects is not necessarily in the financial interest of pharmaceutical lobbies.

Für Frauen verboten

A street of Hamburg which is not accessible to women unless they work there.

Expanded Cinema

Named after the classic book by Gene Youngblood, this exhibiton at the new Dutch Film Museum runs until December 2nd.


Hypnagogic Light Experience with this electronically-controlled lamp, inspired from the Dream Machine by Gysin. Supposedly it would stimulate our third eye, visible for example in the baby sphenodon.

Holocaust Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has been an activist force for genocide prevention and the education of world leaders since 1993.