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This is not a film

Shot in part with an iPhone and smuggled to France in a cake to premiere at Cannes, «this is not a film» is a statement from Iranian film director Jafar Panahi, who has been assigned to his home and forbidden to make films by the government of his country.

Ramón Saldívar

Stanford English and comparative literature Prof. Ramón Saldívar receives a medal for his exploration of identity along the border separating the United States and Mexico.


In the history of artificial intelligence and robotics, the year 1997 will be remembered as a turning point.

On marriage

In «Tell me a story», Roger Schank suggests that people who marry too early will not have a happy life. How “early” is “early” ?


Ubuntu is an operating system based on Linux named after a South African philosophical concept : “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

Think global, act local

Thank you Arnold for paying tribute to my country which, as you say, “one can barely find on a map”…
Good luck and long life to the R20.
What world leaders gathered in Copenhagen in 2009 could not achieve might be accomplished by you, and by all of us, by paying more attention to the impact we have on the environment in our daily actions.

Space Invaders

Watch out, these aliens want you to stop thinking.
Try to find them in the streets around the world.
Ils sont parmi nous…