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Discovering MemoWays, a web application for GPS-based films, such as Walking the Edit. We plan to use this technology for the Rousseau mobile cinema application launched for his 300th anniversary next year.

From ancient manuscripts to digital books

A colloquium in Lausanne, featuring some works by the «infolipo» group.

No-Budget filmmaking

An excellent article (with the budgets) on no-budget filmmaking.

Coppola does live cinema

After Peter Greenaway, Mike Figgis and Guy Maddin, Francis Ford Coppola also wants to try live cinema… With his new thriller Twixt, presented at Comic Con.

Guy Maddin’s performance (which I saw in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theater in 2007) was different in the sense that the picture was fixed and linear (a regular projection), but the soundtrack completely live : Alanis Morissette as the narrator — breathtaking !

Prisoner’s dilemma

In game theory, the prisoner’s dilemma tells about two people who have the choice between cooperating and not cooperating. If they both cooperate, it will benefit both of them. However, if one wants to cooperate, and the other does not, it can create a terrible disadvantage for the one who wanted to cooperate. Therefore, risk-averse people will tend not to cooperate, even though it would have been in everyone’s interest to do so.

Turing Award

There is only one Swiss recipient of the ACM Turing Award : Niklaus Wirth, inventor of the Pascal programming language.


CERN is working on an artist-in-residence program, that remains yet to be defined.


a fun vod web site : acting tips from hollywood movie stars. each video is about 4 US$ to watch.


A Canadian online magazine for digital art, ideas and culture (18 issues launched between August 2002 and December 2004)