Human Rights are not just theory

Stéphane Hessel was born in Berlin, but fought as a resistant in France during the second world war. His mother inspired a character in the movie «Jules et Jim». In his recent pamphlet, «Indignez-vous !», he is giving us good reasons to fight against the system.
He contributed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The UN body that enforces the respect of  these rights is the OHCHR, based in Geneva.

Electronic arts

Alvaro talks at UPF

Alvaro Cassinelli, Uruguayan citizen, like me, who studied in Paris and now is a professor in Tokyo in the Ishikawa-Oku lab, is giving a talk at UPF. I met Alvaro a few years ago at Siggraph and it was «love at first sight». Did I introduce Carson to Alvaro ? Or did I happen to be there when they met for the first time ? Anyways it happened at Siggraph.


Jorge Semprún

Rencontre radiophonique entre Jorge Semprún († 7 juin 2011) et Elia Suleiman, sur l’espoir soulevé par la volonté de démocratie du monde arabe.

Electronic arts


Omnitopia enacts a structural and perceptual enclave whose apparently distinct locales convey inhabitants to a singular place.

Interactive design

Holon Design Museum

J’ai découvert la table «Raymond» de David Amar du RCA, qui s’est inspiré des modèles de générativité littéraire de Oulipo pour créer ce meuble, au nouveau Design Museum de Holon.


Israel’s Utopia

Kibbutzim to collectively cultivate the land and hi-tech ventures to collectively cultivate the cyberspace, are some of Israel’s Utopia.



Interroger l’habituel, en-dehors du système spectaculaire.