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Arthur Goldreich

The incredible story of Arthur Goldreich, abstract painter and anti-apartheid activist,
who hid Nelson Mandela in his farm where underground meetings of the ANC where
being held, and later became a key figure of the Design Department at Bezalel.


Jean-François Peyret is staging the life of Henry-David Thoreau.

Future Perfect

Je ne crois pas que le futur antérieur existe en anglais, mais Future Perfect is a new performance, art and technology initiative, founded by the former Director of Arts in Multimedia at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, involving interactive media designers such as Ben Rubin, or avant-garde theatre companies like Elevator Repair Service.

Etienne Souriau

C’est en 1969 que le philosophe français désigne le cinéma comme le 7e art, de même qu’il a défini la notion de diégèse dans l’analyse du récit filmique.

The Long Overdue Palestinian State

Next September, at the United Nations General Assembly, Mahmoud Abbas will request recognition of the State of Palestine from the international community.

Pour les Francophones, voici un article écrit par le regretté Edward W. Said, professeur à Columbia University, sur Albert Camus et l’inconscient colonial.

Adieu Philippine

«Adieu Philippine» is a film by Jacques Rozier, shot during the Guerre d’Algérie, about a young man, called Michel, who is trying to make a career in the cinema-television industry, in Paris. The syntagmatic structure of the film was analyzed in detail in «Essais sur la signification au cinéma» by Christian Metz, expert of how meaning in constructed by sequencing shots in a narrative film.

Preserving digital art

An article in The Guardian about the difficulty of preserving digital art, for future generations.


Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center