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The Ex-Machina gallery in Geneva proposes a week-end of performances, under the title : Ex-Corpus, 2nd edition.

Contemporary composers

Brahms is a database proposed by the IRCAM of contemporary music composers.

Cinema Engine

A web-based piece of generative cinema by Marc Lafia, proposing spatial juxtapositions of film excerpts.
The artist makes a reference to Raymond Queneau, George Perec and the Oulipo movement in his description of the piece.

Ensemble Vortex

Concert de l’Ensemble Vortex à la Maison de la Radio, Studio Ernest Ansermet.
Majorité de compositeurs sud-américains. Acoustique et électronique.


An incredible project done by Zach Lieberman and his team, about the enabling power of technology. Lets people with locked-in syndrom do graffitis.


An anthology I would like to see. A collection of erotic short films, by some of the greatest video artists, produced by Mel Agace.

Their Sundance party in 2006 was great, but I still haven’t seen the film…