Interactive design

Towards a Museum of Hope

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (MICR) is undergoing transformation to redesign its permanent exhibition.
The production of the new exhibition will be coordinated by the Swiss designers of Atelier Oï.

Cinema Web

Life In A Day

Sundance, YouTube and Ridley Scott have partnered to create a film with people all around the world.

Submissions close 31st July 2010.

Electronic arts

Cultures électroniques

Une page dédiée à la culture électronique, et l’émission d’ARTE du même nom.

Electronic arts


Trust is a group exhibition curated by Andreas Broeckmann (previously project manager at V2 in Rotterdam and artistic director of Transmediale in Berlin). It will take place as part of ISEA 2010 Ruhr.


Aleksander Wat

Je suis en train de lire l’autobiographie de mon oncle Aleksander Wat,
poète futuriste et surréaliste avant l’heure.


Visible Evidence 2010

This international documentary studies conference will take place in Istanbul this year, in August.

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Slow Stories

Glorianna Davenport, documentary filmmaker, pioneering researcher in interactive cinema and non-linear video editing tools, principal researcher at MIT Media Lab for over 20 years, giving a talk about «Slow Stories» at the Distance Lab, in Scotland.

Electronic arts


A British team has funding for sonifying data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider : LHCsound.
I wish there were more projects like this ! Can’t wait to listen to the music of the universe.

Cinema New technologies Web


A new VOD service in Switzerland, based in Zürich.

Cinema Dance


This contemporary dance short film, entitled “Monitor” and directed by Luke McManus was commissioned by RTE and the Irish Arts Council as part of the Dance On The Box series.

I collaborated with Sascha Perfect, performance artist from New Zealand, on a number of projects in Dublin, and we worked on some early ideas for this performance project. I filmed the other part of the original idea of this film on the Millenium Bridge.