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sonotone, le webzine musical suisse romand.

Int’l Workshop for Multimedia Archives

1st International Workshop on Standards and Technologies in Multimedia Archives and Records (STAR), EPFL, Lausanne.

Cinema & research labs

A recent New York Times article talks about R&D in the film industry,

with a focus on the lab where I used to teach in Los Angeles.


24 heures dans la vie artistique d’une ville, ce week-end, à Genève.

Un parcours de 24 heures à travers les espaces d’art indépendants genevois.

Bas Jan Ader

I was wondering why Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader died so young…

Until I watched his films.

Bill Viola’s The Night Journey

Some recent news about Bill Viola’s non-violent and introspective video game.

Where contemporary video art meets Electronic Arts (the company) and electronic arts (the discipline). This project has been made possible thanks to EA’s Game Innovation Lab at USC.

Vol plané en Pologne

My thoughts go to the Polish elite, killed twice : by the NKVD in the Spring of 1940, and by an unfortunate accident in the Spring of 2010. That same morning, I was learning how to ride a motorcycle but I lost the group I was part of at the red light and they did not wait for me. I called the instructor on his cell phone and he said I should meet them. I was having trouble starting the engine, and I was afraid. After calling him again, I managed to start the engine, it accelerated too fast and out of control. I fell and broke my right hand, more specifically I broke a tiny bone at the base of my right thumb.