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Jerusalem 2050

Through a series of projects, this team at MIT is envisioning Jerusalem in 2050 as a place of peace.

It is a visionary and problem-solving project sponsored by the Department of Urban Studies & Planning and the Center for International Studies, with the participation of Palestinian and Israeli scholars, activists, business leaders, youth and more.

Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology

Vectors is a new international electronic journal that brings together visionary scholars with cutting-edge designers and technologists.

RIAM 2010

7èmes Rencontres Internationales des Arts Multimédia, du 25 février au 6 mars 2010.

Beyond the instrument metaphor

The School of Arts, Media and Engineering hosts Incubator 2010 : Beyond the instrument metaphor: new paradigms for interactive media.

the auteurs

#1: Why can’t you watch In the Mood for Love in a café in Tokyo on your laptop?
#2: Why is it so hard to meet people who share the same love for Antonioni?

Now you can…

An online movie theater (or VOD platform) of auteur films,
created by celluloid dreams.

Endangered Languages Week 2010

At the end of February, worldwide linguistic scholars & experts will be gathering in London to preserve and sustain endangered languages.

igda switzerland

igda switzerland is the active Swiss branch of the international game developers association.

People for Cinema

Une plate-forme française vachement bien foutue, qui permet à chacun d’investir des petites sommes dans la production de films.

C’est une bonne manière d’apprendre comment fonctionne l’investissement de private equity dans les longs-métrages en général, et de tenter sa chance sur de vrais projets.

Un autre site, dans le même goût, plus actif au Canada, et partenaire du FCMM où j’ai remporté un prix en 2003.