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Silent Disco

Une nouvelle boîte suisse, Fairymotion, organise des “silent discos“…

Ca me rappelle le Placard, festival de musique électronique au casque, qui a lieu dans un appartement à Belleville, chaque été… J’y ai fait une perfo en 2003, pour laquelle j’avais dû emprunter le laptop d’un ami jazzman à l’IRCAM. Je mixais des images prises en DV dans la rue dans plusieurs villes européennes, que je scratchais avec une tablette Wacom, sur une des premières versions de jitter. Pour la bande-son, j’étais accompagné de 2 musiciens du Sud de la France qui utilisaient presque essentiellement dans leurs compositions des sons de la gameboy. L’un d’entre eux utilisait d’ailleurs une gameboy comme contrôleur.

nouveau réalisateur français chez TDB (romain courtréjma)

Portable Life

Fleur Boonman has started shooting last week her first feature-length film : Portable Life.

It is a co-production between Savage Film and Fu Works.

I was a reader on early versions of the script. Fleur came to see me in Los Angeles.
For a while, she was thinking about shooting part of the film in the USA.

Bande à part

A Band Apart is the name of the production company created by Quentin Tarantino (who used to write scripts with Roger Avary while he was working in a video store in Long Beach, CA), with Lawrence Bender (who trained as a civil engineer).

They gave their company this name, after the French New Wave classic, «Bande à Part» by filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, because of his influence on their work.

Four stars of today’s Swiss-French cinema (namely, Ursula Meier, Jean-Stéphane Bron, Frédéric Mermoud and Lionel Baier), have recently decided to join forces to create their own production company : “Bande à part Films”.

Season’s greetings

Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Happy Holidays / Cooper Design Space from helloflux on Vimeo.

WTO : inside and outside

A journalist from the Wall Street Journal has posted a video story today, making a parallel between the Seattle protests 10 years ago and the demonstrations taking place these days in Geneva for the 7th Ministerial of the WTO.

On the same topic, the Yes magazine has compared pictures of the real demonstration that took place in the streets of Seattle, versus the fiction film that was directed recently by an Irish Hollywood actor (Stuart Townsend).

Actually, the violent part of the demonstration took part fortunately before the start of the summit, 2 days before, to be precise : some of the activists coming from all over the world were part of the demonstration that was invaded by a group of «Black blocks» who caused mayhem in the crowd : here is some early footage of the damage they caused, and the subsequent police repression that followed.