Numb, deaf & dumb

music video

Geneva, 2009

HD, color, 4m34s.


• stills

video (entire film)


A wolf inspired by Tex Avery and sitting in a strange cabaret starts capturing the dancing sheep, one after the other, with his accomplice the clergyman.



produced by Detroit Grand Pubahs,
Thanks to the Maxim's.

director : Michael Lew
cinematography : Hans Meier
based on an idea by Nathalie Rebholz

cast : Patricia Mollet-Mercier, Vanessa Zurini, Mel Dreams, Erika Lillo
costumes : Gloria del Castillo
A.D. : Maxime Jordan
choreographer : Luciana Reolon
1st A.C. : Damien Molineaux
2nd A.C. : Kevin Haefelin
Gaffer : Laszlo Szulyovszky
make-up : Christina Simoès