fiction film in development

Geneva, 2009-today

HD, color.


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Pamela, who works for the WTO, meets Yann, a social activist. As demonstrators take the streets, Pamela is torn between her belief in some kind of world order and her love affair with Yann, who is an altermondialiste.



produced by Les Films Invisibles.
Thanks to le Bureau Culturel.

director : Michael Lew
A.D. : Eloise de Breteuil (†)
cameras : Cicero Egli, Aurélien Fontanet, Michael Lew, Eloise de Breteuil

cast : Samuel Moeschler, Floriane Mésange, Matthias Glayre, Sarah Antony, Sébastien Gautier, Nina Langensand, Benjamin Bauer