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Table ronde “Live Cinema”

Round table discussion at the Mapping festival in Geneva, in the Spoutnik independent movie theatre, on the topics of interactivity, film, and live performance in media arts, with Pierre-Yves Borgeaud and Christophe Billeter : What is live cinema ?

Lecture/Performance at Exineo

Que se passe-t-il quand la machine de vision rencontre la machine de Turing ?

Media Fabrics for Media Makers

Glorianna Davenport hosted an evening of Show & Tell at the Bartos theater in MIT Media Lab during which various researchers such as Ken Haase, Edith Ackerman, Barbara Barry and myself gave short talks about our current work and recent achievements.

Lecture at Camerimage

I was invited by MEDIA and WRO to give a lecture at a conference entitled « Soft Machines and the Cinematographic Imaginary ».

The conference took place during the prestigious Camerimage festival, in Łødź, in the presence of great figures of today’s cinema like Roman Polanski and Harris Savides (cinematographer for most of Gus Van Sant’s films), under the patronage of David Lynch, who has his recording studios in that region of Poland.

My contribution to the WRO Media Art Reader (which I could not finish in time when the book went to press) has been made available on this web site.

Talk at UdK

I gave a talk at the Universität der Kunste in Berlin, to the students of Joachim Sauter, in the Experimental Media Design program.

Interactive political films

I gave a workshop on how to make interactive political films at Mediamatic with Florian Thalhofer and his Korsakow authoring tool, to a very interesting range of participants (all filmmakers) who had come with their own footage. The final presentations took place at a local film school in Amsterdam.

I also gave a talk at De Balie about video games and non-violence, during the International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), on a panel with Joost Raessens & Brody Condon.

A reader was put together by Mediamatic.

CalArts / Integrated Media

Tom Leeser invited me to give a lecture at the CalArts Center for Integrated Media, on my research on interactive video. It was attended by a diverse group of students coming from various disciplines.

Japan lecturing tour

After presenting a paper on my Live Cinema instrument at the NIME conference in Hamamatsu, I gave talks on the future of cinema at ATR (just before Bob Moog, who shared his egg sandwich with me at lunch) and IAMAS (hosted by Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau), where I recorded the sound of frogs at night in an open field.

Colloque jouable

Jouable, Colloque international sur l’art, le jeu et l’interactivité, au Centre pour l’image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais Genève, organisé par Jean-Louis Boissier (CIREN, Paris VIII) et Daniel Pinkas (MADE, HEAD).
J’y ai présenté mon travail et mes idées durant la session 2.

Proceedings of this colloquium & event have been published.

Making films for computational media

Invited by Dr. Brunhild Bushoff, from sagasnet, I gave a lecture in Leipzig on «Making films for computational media», as part of a seminar on developing interactive narrative content funded by the EU MEDIA programme.